-Stephanie | Santa Barbara, California

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I used greencoffeebeanplatinum.com from the very beginning of my self-planned weight loss regiment. The plan was simple: Start a basic workout schedule and supplement it with a natural diet pill (pure green coffee bean is the one I chose). As coincidence would have it I ran in to a someone from greencoffeebeanplatinum.com at a vitamin supply store nearby. He was doing a price comparison of his own pure green coffee bean extract and similar ones sold at physical shops as opposed to online (the price difference turned out to be in the favor of greencoffeebeanplatinum.com). He was really approachable and talked to me about the green coffee bean supplement like a friend would rather than a salesman trying to make a pitch. After having used their product for some time now I think they’re able to talk like that because their product really is the best one; there’s no need for a sales pitch. At any rate, my workout regimen consisted of twenty minute workouts on the elliptical completed three times a week. This combined with taking the pure green coffee bean led to consistent weight loss (3-4 pounds a week over 10 weeks ending in a balanced and healthy body weight).
-Stephanie | Santa Barbara, California

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